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When it comes to coffee, I have some OCD - obsessive coffee disorder.

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Three Coffee Shops You Need to Try in Eugene

In the past few years I’ve been on a bit of a coffee shop trek. Whether it’s time to study or catch up with friends, you can find me in one of Eugene’s many coffee shops. Through my experiences, I’ve... Continue Reading →

Is Instagram the New PR Specialist for Coffee Shops?

We’ve talked a lot about the best way to take photos of your coffee and add to your Instagram aesthetic, but are coffee shops doing the same? Instagram has become a large platform for businesses to use to interact with... Continue Reading →

Why do we Drink Coffee in this new Coffee Culture?

Things have changed. There is a new culture revolving around our favorite beverage and it’s added to the reason why we drink coffee. We don’t drink coffee for only caffeine purposes anymore. There are a number of other social reason... Continue Reading →

Five Fall Coffee Recipes to Get You Through Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is about sharing time with your family and friends, but oftentimes sitting across the table from your least favorite uncle who won’t stop telling you about his days in college requires more than just an extra scoop of stuffing.... Continue Reading →

Why you Need to Visit Your Local Coffee Shops This Winter

As winter approaches, we often start less energetic and feel like hibernating. These are often symptoms of  seasonal affective disorder (SAD). We’re late to work and we need our caffeine, so we stop by the Starbucks or regional coffee chain. However,... Continue Reading →

Green is not the new red

Don’t worry, the red Starbucks cups are back. Last week, Starbucks fooled many of us and had us thinking that green was the new red. After the large amount of criticism last year about the minimalistic red cups introduced by... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Buzz: Starbucks’ Green Cups

Walking across campus this week, I noticed that people’s usual hand accessory looked different. They weren’t just regular Starbucks cups. They weren’t just the red holiday cups. They were green. Starbucks released the new green cups on November 1. Immediately,... Continue Reading →

How to Capture the Best Coffee Instagram

Instagram is more than just a place to post pictures with your friends, partners, and family. Instagram has become a platform to sell a lifestyle. You have to have good photos, a theme, and snarky captions. Food and drinks have... Continue Reading →

Should We be Drinking Tea Instead of Coffee?

I know, I know. You read that headline and were shocked that we could even think about discussing a beverage other than coffee. I’ll admit it: sometimes I crave a cup of tea more than a cup of coffee. Most... Continue Reading →

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